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The exchange rate of the euro today.

Thursday 21 September 2017

Here you can find information on the price of euro today updated according to international markets.

The exchange rate of the euro is the dollar amount that must be paid by a European currency. The official exchange rate of the euro is set by the European Central Bank (ECB).

The euro is worth more than the dollar because it has a lower public debt and also to have the union of several economies, which strengthens the euro.

People use the exchange rate due to the globalization of trade.

Need to know the price of the euro because I have to pay for things.

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Euro (EUR) EUR
Currency Exchange rates Reverse
American dollar (USD) USD 1.19720 0.83528
Japanese yen (JPY) JPY 133.44000 0.00749
Pound Sterling (GBP) GBP 0.88622 1.12839
Canadian Dollar (CAD) CAD 1.47140 0.67962
Indian Rupee (INR) INR 77.01740 0.01298
Mexican peso (MXN) MXN 21.24950 0.04706

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Friday 22 September 2017

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