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The exchange rate of the dollar today.

Friday 27 April 2018

Here you can find information and exchange rates dollar price today updated according to international markets and the value of each coin in your country.

The exchange rate of the dollar is the amount of a currency that must be paid by an American dollar. The official exchange rate of the dollar is established by the Federal Reserve (FED) and the Central Bank of each country.

People use the exchange rate due to the globalization of trade.

Need to know the price of the dollar because I have to pay for things.

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Dollar exchange rate in countries

Mexican peso 18.3583 18.3599
Chilean Peso 649.65 650.25
Colombian peso 2962.30 2965.80
Venezuelan Bolivar 9.98 9.9810
Euro 0.8950 0.8955
Bolivian peso 6.87 7.02
Uruguayan Peso 28.96 29.06
Peruvian Nuevo Sol 3.3070 3.3120
Costa Rican Colon 543.59 558.59
Paraguayan Guarani 5514.00 5564.00
Guatemalan Quetzal 7.5365 7.5395
Honduran Lempira 22.77 22.87
Nicaraguan Cordoba 28.7705 28.7715
Argentine peso 14.8588 14.6413

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Saturday 28 April 2018

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The exchange rate of this converter is only for reference and illustrative according to international financial markets, the real exchange rate may vary depending on the country and the establishment. only publishes this data for informational purposes.