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The dollar is the official currency of United States. Due to globalization many countries have adopted for commercial reasons this currency.

Is important know the dollar exchange rates, specially if you pay products or services at internet in other currencies or if you travel to other countries and you pay the invoices with cash or credit cards or your bank.

International trade and the provision of services are the main actvidad that generated the dollar has a strong circulation in other cities.

It is important to know the exchange rate of the dollar to plan budgets.

Travel and holidays also require that people know the exchange rate of the dollar against other currencies.

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The dollar price varies daily in relation to the confidence investors have in a country to invest or to keep your money safe. Emerging countries are those that offer better rates of return on investment, while the first world economies are those that offer refuge for investors' money.

The exchange rate of the dollar or the euro, should be calculated based on cash flow and international reserves that a country has. However in practice takes into account the level of security that exists for citizens and for capital investors, especially in the security that the government can pay the debts it has undertaken and whose term is expiring.

Unlike the dollar, the exchange rate of the euro is worth less than the US dollar despite the euro represents several European economies.