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Here you can consult the dollar vs. the euro, which is the dollar amount paid for a coin of the euro zone, which belongs to the European Union. The euro is worth less than the dollar, so to change a euro pay more than a dollar.

The price of the euro dollar vs euro is the amount paid for a dollar. A dollar is worth more than a dollar, so that more euros for a dollar paid.

Price today.

Monday 29 May 2017

The price of the dollar is the amount equivalent to one currency against the dollar.

The symbol of the dollar in international currency trading markets also known as FOREX (Foreign Exchange) is the $ and acronyms is USD.

Similarly the price of the euro is very important. In financial markets brokers buy and sell dollars at low prices. Brokers negotiate with companies and government entities to become active in dollars or euros, especially international reserves of each country.

Euro (EUR) EUR
Currency Exchange rates Reverse
American dollar (USD) USD 1.11960 0.89318
Japanese yen (JPY) JPY 124.38000 0.00804
Pound Sterling (GBP) GBP 0.87190 1.14692
Canadian Dollar (CAD) CAD 1.50770 0.66326
Indian Rupee (INR) INR 72.21750 0.01385
Mexican peso (MXN) MXN 20.68390 0.04835

Price tomorrow.

Tuesday 30 May 2017

Banks act as intermediaries and buy and sell currencies for people in smaller quantities and higher prices.

That's why here you can see the exchange rate of the dollar and euro exchange rate updated to today.

The exchange rate of this converter is only for reference and illustrative according to international financial markets, the real exchange rate may vary depending on the country and the establishment. only publishes this data for informational purposes.