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Dollar in Mexico

How many Mexican pesos is one dollar equivalent?

Updated value of the dollar in Mexico today Sunday 23 June 2024.

Mexico is one of the neighboring countries of the United States, located on the southern border. Social conditions have driven Mexicans to migrate to the United States, a situation that has been reflected in the last 40 years.

Derived from the proximity, although each country has its own currency, the use of the U.S. dollar is as much, in part for labor activities, as for trade, either for copra or the payment of merchandise.

Likewise, people usually consult the price of the dollar in various states of the Mexican country, in order to obtain a conversion that yields an amount either to receive for the exchange of dollars to pesos or to pay in dollars and that has an equivalence in the Aztec currency.

The proximity of the countries has motivated diverse commercial relations, in addition, Mexico is usually used as a vacation or retirement destination for many American citizens, who see their purchasing power better reflected in dollars when they are in Mexico.

Mexico's official currency is the Mexican peso, which is worth less than a dollar, meaning that the U.S. currency has greater purchasing power than the Mexican peso. Tomorrow Monday 24 June 2024.