Dollar Exchange Rates Today

Dollar Price Exchange Rates Today

Updated info about the dollar prices today Friday 19 July 2024, and their exchange rates in the forex markets.

In this page, you can check how mouch money can you get for 1 dollar in other currencies in their respective country

The dollar is the official currency of the United States. Due to globalization, many countries have adopted the use of this currency for commercial reasons, in addition to the fact that they usually have international reserves in dollars.

It is important to know the exchange rate of the dollar, especially if you buy products or pay for services in dollars and want to know what is the equivalent in your local currency. It is also useful to have this information if you are planning to go on a trip and will need to exchange your dollars for a foreign currency that is accepted either in cash or through your bank's credit or debit cards, either Visa or MasterCard.

Tourism, international trade and labor immigration are among the main factors that move dollars around the world and disperse them in various social levels of other countries and economies, whether in favorite tourist destinations or in electronic stores with free international shipping.

Budget planning requires, on certain occasions, to have the updated exchange rate of the dollar in other foreign currencies, for example, the Mexican peso, the Euro, the Canadian dollar, the British pound, the Brazilian real, the Japanese yen, etc.

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The price of the dollar varies daily according to different economic and social aspects of each country and other aspects derived from globalization and international trade, in relation to the investor confidence have in a country to invest or to keep your money safe. Emerging countries are those that offer better rates of return on investment, while the first world economies are those that offer refuge for investors' money.

The exchange rate of the dollar to another currency is calculated according to the confidence of investors to invest in the country to which the currency corresponds, as well as the security and social development conditions of the population and the decisions of local governments.

The value of the dollar is lower than the price of the euro, because the latter currency is used by several countries as their official currency and they all work together to keep improving the social conditions of their citizens.